The range of Loan products

3 kinds of business loans are offered by the partner-banks within the Programme's framework. These are:

  • Express loans
  • Micro loans
  • Small loans

In addition overdraft loan, leasing, factoring, bank guarantee are available within the Programme's framework.

Loans are available in USD, Belarusian rubles, EURO, and other currencies.

The loan can finance working capital increase, purchase of vehicles, trade and production equipment, real estate and other business objectives.


Debtors' requirements:

A Debtor shall be represented by:

  • Natural persons registered as individual entrepreneurs;
  • Individual entrepreneurs;
  • Legal entities;
  • Individuals who are shareholders of a legal entity (owners according to the constituent documents)

Debtors shall comply the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of Republic of Belarus;
  • The total percentage of ownership of the Republic of Belarus or by government agencies in a Debtor should not be greater than forty-nine percent (49%) and the Republic of Belarus cannot be directly or indirectly involved in day-to-day management and cannot have any majority authority in directing the Beneficiary's affairs at the moment of loan procedures;
  • Operate under the environmental laws of the Republic of Belarus.

A Debtor shall not be financed under the Programme if his activities are as follows:

  • production of arms or military equipment;
  • fur production or any production involving endangered species;
  • production or export of tobacco products or hard liquor;
  • casinos or other gambling facilities;
  • speculative investment activities;
  • financing of the acquisition of shares;
  • investments in securities of any kind;
  • any activities appearing on the Environmental Exclusion List in Environmental Procedures.


Loan procedure

  1. Get the list of our participating banks and their key criteria to potential borrowers at our web-site.
  2. Get the list of documents required for processing a loan. If needed a bank's loan officer will consult you of the loan conditions.
  3. Agree the time for financial analysis with your loan officer. A loan officer is supposed tomake a site visit (to retail outlets, production facilities, office, warehouse etc.) in order to get the necessary information. If you are an individual entrepreneur your residence has to be visited by the loan officer as well.
  4. A loan officer will inform you about the decision of the bank's Credit Committee.
  5. After the loan agreement is signed and collateral and pledge agreements (if needed) come into force you can obtain a loan and invest money into your business.