Welcome to Belarus Microlending Programme!

Belarus Microlending Programme (BMLP) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) successfully operated in Belarus in 2001-2103. The Programme was funded by the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility.


The Programme's main objective was to provide access to credit resources for small business enterprises and to facilitate Belarusian small and medium business development in Belarus. The Programme provided EBRD resources to commercial banks of Belarus including the technical consulting which was aimed to build up effective microlending procedures in participating banks as well as organizational structures for small and medium business financing.

Over the duration of the Programme in Belarus the following partner-banks participted in the Programme: Belgazprombank, MTBank, Priorbank, Belrosbank, RRB-Bank, Belarusian Bank for Small Business, BelVEB and BPS-Sberbank.

37,313 loans for a total amount of USD 837 million were disbursed within the Programme.

The Programme was completed on 31 December 2013.